Peaksell You have the products. We’ll find the customers

You are an e-retailer and you would like to enhance your presence on price comparators, market places and other Web audience crossroads? Peaksell Suite has been designed with you in mind!

The Peaksell Suite effect on our user e-retailers

  • Increased sales and turnover
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Controlled investment costs
  • The pleasure of having Account Managers and Traffic Managers who are always available, reactive and welcoming!

Opt for Peaksell Suite to promote your product catalogue

Created by Effiliation in 2007, this service has since become more robust and is now Peaksell Suite, a platform offering the e-retailer the opportunity of optimising and monitoring the performances of his e-marketing campaigns, for each individual product and through different purchasing channels: shopping comparators and guides, products placed in banners (coverflow), retargeting, market places, Facebook commerce, Google Shopping and e-mailing.

A simple tool at the service of ROI

Peaksell Suite has been designed to avoid running a product catalogue blind. As e-retailers, you cannot multiply contacts for your campaigns on different purchasing channels and you need a simple and reliable tool for monitoring your campaign follow-up. Peaksell Suite is used to monitor performance, product by product, and thus to optimise multi-channel campaigns by controlling investment and ROI.

A tool that has human beings inside!

Peaksell Suite offers customised support. Your discussions with your Account Managers and your Traffic Manager are key factors to a successful collaboration. We provide you with our recommendations and our expertise as routine in order to assist you with carrying out your campaigns according to your objectives.

Peaksell Suite is also …

  • A clear and intuitive interface used to control your campaigns
  • Harmonisation for your product streams
  • A tracking tool certified by Google
  • Click deduplication with the affiliation
  • An international presence in 12 countries with teams dedicated to these markets

Get going with Peaksell Suite

Getting going with Peaksell Suite is easy and quick. You just need a logo in 2 different formats (square and rectangular) for adjusting to comparator specifics, and a stream or products that comply with a few compulsory criteria. Then we set up a contract which gives us the authority to launch comparison campaigns. The final step, once the campaign has been created, Peaksell Suite sends the e-retailer the tags to be inserted into his e-boutique for product performance feedback.
Before / after, Peaksell Suite changes everything!