Effisuggest a solution for each of your needs

The affinity programs detector!

Are you a publisher looking for programs that apply to your traffic? Are you an advertiser on the lookout for affiliates whose Internet surfers are in affinity with your universe? Then Effisuggest is made for you …

A suggestion tool for greater performance

Effisuggest is an affiliation program recommendation tool for Web publishers. Indeed, this recommendation is based on the buying history of the publisher’s Internet surfer from retailers using the Effiliation platform. Accordingly, if a significant number of a publisher’s Internet surfers make purchases from the same retailer and if this publisher is not affiliated to this retailer, Effisuggest will recommend to this publisher that he becomes an affiliate and suggests this retailer to all his Internet surfers.

A win-win connection between advertisers and publishers

Effisuggest is a tool that promotes relevant contact between advertisers and affiliates.

For the advertisers, Effiliation clients, Effisuggest allows them to find out the publishers on which their customers are surfing. This knowledge is an important factor for achieving visibility in terms of loyalty but also for recruiting new customers. Indeed, it is highly likely that other visitors to those publishers could potentially form part of the retailer’s target. Therefore, we are offering our clients new publishers who represent an important business potential for their business and one they have not yet activated.

For the affiliates, the Effisuggest recommendation will enable them to identify the right campaigns for their traffic and not necessarily based on the eCPC for a campaign and other affiliates. This is a truly customised recommendation!