Effisocial a solution for each of your needs

Put your brand on Facebook

By developing your presence on Facebook, you can enhance your reputation and brand loyalty. More than a social network, Facebook is a viral marketing approach and a tool for ensuring customer loyalty. Discover it through the video …

Facebook, a matter of reputation

Facebook has now become the unavoidable audience crossroads on the Internet and, if you are not there, you are leaving the way open to your competitors. In order to build a brand image, you need a powerful social presence to generate visibility and viral marketing. The aim consists in creating a community of loyal ambassadors used to recruit prospects and customers through a customised F-commerce shop. If you don’t do that, you will have a poor reputation in the worldwide village.

Effisocial, an offer tailored for Facebook

Effisocial is used to make your presence on Facebook professional! The Effiliation job consists in helping clients to be present on the Internet audience crossroads. Facebook has now become part of those places where e-retailers have to be present. The Effisocial offer can be broken down into 4 steps: identifying your problem, deploying an action plan that meets your needs, providing support for graphic and technical development and recruiting fans.

Comprehensive support

In practice, Effiliation offers you:

  • The creation or revision of your Fan page
  • The mass or qualified recruitment of fans
  • The integration of an F-commerce shop
  • Community management
  • The integration of social shopping
  • Promoting your page via Facebook ads
  • Setting up promotions that will involve the community (promotional games etc.)

Effisocial is a complete, modular and flexible offer that we tailor to your needs and to your budget.

Recruiting fans, nerve centre of the campaign

In fact, there are two types of fan recruitment: mass recruitment and qualified recruitment. Mass recruitment involves volume logic without specific targeting. So we set up a mechanism to attract incentivised fans via virtual cash, promotional games or other levers based on the principle that «You’ll win something by becoming a fan of this brand».

With regard to qualified recruitment, we place ourselves in a situation of almost surgical precision in terms of targeting logic in order to recruit fans, in the main sense of the word, who evince a real interest in your brand.