Effibuzz Boost your presence on blogs

Do blogs sell? How do you approach them? What content do you offer them? Effibuzz provides positive solutions that will make your brand or your products buzz.

Effibuzz, buzzing within your reach

Effibuzz is the solution that allows bloggers to create a buzz around your brand or your products! With this offer, Effiliation, in partnership with Ebuzzing, the leader in the field of bringing advertisers and bloggers together, provides access to a vast network of blogs. In France, over million blogs have been listed and this, therefore, constitutes an essential quality booster on the Web. Blog content and relevance make them excellent consumer motivators because they have greater impact than mere advertising.

Blogs, a valuable search engine role

Blogs do not generate a great number of sales direct. Internet surfers who visit blogs are not necessarily interested in making a purchase at that moment in time. However, they play a very important part in your Google search engine because blogs have a very sophisticated content and are, therefore, very well referenced. Therefore, they provide high visibility on extremely relevant sites.

Precise ROI quantification

Effibuzz includes quantification tools adapted to blogs. This enables us to quantify the number of times your blogs are read. Then, the Effiliation tracking tool takes over in order to establish the number of sales made and the rate of conversion. This enables Effibuzz to assess the effectiveness of your campaign and of your ROI.

Content rather than advertising

The method of being present on blogs differs from that used for classic affiliates. Bloggers are extremely vigilant about the content of their sites. In particular, they look out for published advertising. So you will not get away with foisting an old campaign on them! Additionally, Internet surfers who frequent blogs don’t react much to traditional advertising. So, via Effibuzz, we are attempting to integrate our client’s offering in real content. For example, through articles written by the blogger who then plays the role of advisor and ambassador for your brand.