Cellfiliation Performance-based marketing by mobile phone

With over 18 million mobile phone surfers, the mobile phone has become an unavoidable acquisition channel. How do we use this performance-based lever? Who are the players? How do we go about it?

Cellfiliation… and affiliation goes mobile

In partnership with Cellfish Media (leader in the field of mobile marketing), Effiliation has created Cellfiliation to help you set up mobile marketing mechanisms with performance-related remuneration and to enable you to be present on all online channels generating traffic towards your site.

We provide you with the opportunity of increasing your traffic and thus increasing the audience and the number of application downloads or the number registered for a service, of increasing sales and turnover, generating qualified contacts and leads. All this while ensuring that your costs are controlled.

A global offer that can be tailored to meet your needs

Cellfiliation offers you innovative programs enabling you to generate traffic on the mobile phone Web in order to:

  • Boost the downloading of your mobile phone applications
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Encourage calls to your call centre
  • Make micro payments
  • Put SMS campaigns in place
  • Accurately track activity

Cellfiliation is also there to help you:

  • Create Iphone and/or Android applications
  • Develop your mobile Web site in a day!

An extensive network of mobile affiliates

Whether these are mobile applications, themed mobile sites, keyworders or comparators, Cellfiliation offers you the opportunity of seizing all these players thanks to its network of more than 15,000 mobile affiliates.

Remuneration systems compatible with your business

Focusing on performance-based mobile marketing, CellFiliation relies on tried and tested Internet economic models: Cost Per Order (CPA) – Cost Per Click (CPC) – Cost Per Thousand (CPM) – Cost Per Lead (CPL). But we also offer dedicated models such as the CPI, Cost per Application Download.

New diffusion systems

With regard to diffusion, this is carried out using banners that have a format that is quite different from the one for banners diffused on the Web. These are interstitials. They present a full page offer and disappear after 3 seconds. The video and the help menu are also aids used by advertisers on mobile phones.