All You Need to Know About the New advertisers offers from Amazon via Peaksell

Peaksell offers a new lever to acquire qualified traffic to e-merchants through the integration of the advertiser, This traffic is ultra qualified because the user is redirected to the site of the e-merchant advanced in the purchase cycle, since he has already compared the products with other products on Amazon, and was also able to take note of the information related to the product page of the e-merchant on E-merchant is charged at a cost per click (CPC) unless the client is redirected to his site.

For Clément Quivron, head Peaksell – Shopbots CPC/CPA: “this solution represents an excellent alternative to the Amazon marketplace, which requires a heavier implementation, particularly for medium-sized e-tailers. It allows benefiting from the high volume of traffic from Amazon, but also the confidence of users towards this recognized actor. It also has the advantage of conducting transactions on the site of the e-merchant and therefore facilitates the logistics of sales.
Peaksell allows a standardization of the flow and the presence on Amazon optimization. To optimize sales via the advertiser offers solution, Peaksell supports the standardization of products flows of e-merchants. This ensures that they perfectly match the requirements on Amazon and also select only the eligible products. The solution offer`s advertisers are only open to the following categories: babies, consumer electronics, DIY, home and garden, Musical Instruments, office computer, games and toys.

For the remuneration of the acquisition of this traffic at the cost per click (CPC), it is essential to set a monthly budget and be able to finely control its presence in order to optimize the role of their campaigns. To achieve this Peaksell analyzes real-time traffic, sales, conversion rates and acquisition costs by product, category or subcategory. This visibility helps e-merchants in the cockpit of their presence on
Clément Quivron shows that “to control the remuneration to the CPC, we advise our customers not to promote their entire catalog via this offer, but rather focus on possessing products` largest margins, as well as realizing the ideal sellers with the best offers. ” Indeed, given the high volume of traffic from Amazon, a poorly managed product catalog can generate many clicks without convincing results on sales“.

About Peaksell
It is a solution management and optimization of product flows enabling e-merchants operate their campaigns on the price comparers, marketplaces, social networks, Google Shopping (especially the PLA) and on the Amazon advertiser solution offers. The aggregator, Peaksell, generates streams adapted to the technical specificities of each broadcast platform, while at the same time allowing for centralization of all the statistics on a single management interface. Therefore, e-merchants can update their feed, additions or deletions of products. Peaksell is an indispensable tool to maximize return on investment and cost per purchase (CPP) by following the performance of its products on price and market places. Peaksell is a solution implemented by Affiliations. Peaksell is indeed a solution to all your online advertizing problems which is tailored to suit all your pertinent needs.