Labels/Partners Certified the Web platform of the year

Since our creation, the market has changed considerably and so has our job. These labels and commitments guarantee that we perform our missions within a structured framework and in compliance with the best practices inherent to the industry.

We are members of the IAB, the CPA, the EGB, the FEVAD and are Google Network Display certified.


CPA (Collectif des Plateformes d’Affiliation/Affiliation Platform Group)

This group consists of 8 members representing more than 95% of the affiliation platform market in France in 2010. It aims to promote the affiliation route and to facilitate discussions between professionals and all partners through the promotion and analysis of the business, by upholding interests and rights of its members, both groups and individuals, and by maintaining ethical rules..



The EBG (Electronic Business Group) is a professional community that unites all entities whose business relates to new technologies. On the 1st January 2008, the EBG numbered 500 companies and 40,000 people. The EBG organises activities (committees and/or General Meetings) with the intention of sharing experiences.



The FEVAD (Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance/Federation of e-commerce and mail order businesses) was created in 1957 and now federates approximately 500 businesses in the world of mail order (Internet, catalogue, retailer, telephone) and some 600 Internet sites. This organisation represents the e-commerce and mail order selling businesses. It promotes the sustainable and ethical development of mail order sales and e-commerce in France.


Google Certified Network display

Effiliation has been certified for the transmission of third party advertisements on Google Display Network since February 2011.

This certification will allow, on the one hand, advertisers using the Effiliation platform to be present on the Google Display network and, on the other, affiliates to purchase space on that same network.

To become certified, Effiliation specifically had to demonstrate the conformity of its approach in terms of data protection rights and to the rules governing its use of cookies as part of its tracking technology. Indeed, the certification process requires compliance with the best practices of the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) and of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) regarding online behavioural advertising.