Advertisers A goal for each of you

You are an advertiser and you are looking for answers? That’s great. We have already asked ourselves the questions!

Choosing Effiliation for its e-marketing campaign based on performance …

That’s the right choice! You could even say it’s the best choice! That of a trusted partner that has accumulated more than 10 years – 12 to be precise – experience in online marketing. Any eternity compared with the lifetime of the Web!

Effiliation offers a comprehensive range of affiliation tools (there are always some that our competitors do not have!) tailored to the performance of each purchasing channel: B2C and B2B affiliation, mobile affiliation, price comparators, social networks etc.

Additionally, with us, you will be cosseted and fussed over and, above all, understood by a dedicated account manager ready to listen to you as part of a true proximity relationship. For you, he will open the doors to an extensive network of affiliated partners and even, if that is your wish, to a presence on the international scene.

The key stages in launching an e-marketing campaign based on performance …

It’s quite simple. You will be working in total proximity with Effiliation who will provide you with continuous support when setting up your e-marketing campaign based on performance.

Together, we will identify the aims of your online marketing campaign and we will establish your client and prospect acquisition costs. Our Effistudio production studio designs the tools required to launch the campaign (banners, mailing kits etc.) for which we mobilise our network of over 45,000 members.

The use of tracking tools allows us to assess results and growth potential in real time so that you remain in full control of your return on investment (ROI).